Yosemite housekeepers to give homekeepers tips

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HOUSEHOLDING SCHEDULE: For a housekeeper, the week is usually spent on routine tasks, like cleaning and laundry, and on vacation.

But as a homekeeper, there are a few extra chores you should look out for.


TAKING THE TIME TO GET READY When you’re not cleaning or laundry, it’s a good idea to get ready for the next day.

You’ll be working harder for less time to enjoy your vacation.


FILLING THE BIN Every home is different.

You might be on vacation with family or friends, so you might not have much time to fill a full basket.

So you’ll want to prepare your own to-go meals and prepare meals from scratch.


SAVING FOOD Your local grocery store, Walmart, or Target can often be your best option for meals, but some restaurants may not have fresh fruits and veggies.

So if you’re at a grocery store and you need a meal, make sure you can fill your basket.


MAKING A PLAN You can get a lot done on a weeknight when your family is busy.

You can prepare a weekly plan to be prepared when you need to be, and you can save money on food you need for the rest of the week.


DRILLING THE BAR Whether you’re a home owner or an out-of-towner, if you need help, you should have a friend to come with you.


BEING THE BEST DRIVER If you’re driving, it may be helpful to have a good friend on the radio who can help you keep your eyes on the road and give you directions.


DRIVING FOR FREE If your vehicle has a GPS, make it a point to check it out to see if there’s a way to get to a destination.

You could also call your friends or family who are nearby and ask if there are places you can drive for free.


DRIFTING FOR DESTINY If there are people driving, make the effort to find them before they drive away.

Find out if there is a way for them to help you.


TAKE TIME FOR A LITTLE REMEMBERING You’ll remember who you are and what you did for your family during the holidays.

Remember that you will be remembered and remembered by everyone.


SHAKING OFF YOUR HATREDS The most important part of living in the West is that you are a valued part of your community.

If you’re feeling angry at the people who don’t want to help, just keep your distance and keep moving forward.


SHOPPING FOR FABRIC AND COFFEE You may be in a rush to shop for clothes and other items, and your time is limited.

However, there is no need to waste time if you have something that you need.

Get creative and find the right fabrics, and make sure that you make the time to wear it. 12.

GETTING READY TO GO FOR A BICYCLE There are many options out there to get you ready for a Bicycling ride.

You may have a few options for bicycles, such as a tandem, a double or a single.

You should also consider what type of bicycle you need, and what type is best for you.


DRIVER’S CHECKLIST: If you are driving, there may be some things you want to do on the trip to get your attention, but make sure there is something you can do before you start the ride.


DRIVE THE FAST Drive fast if you want the best possible results on the bike ride.

Don’t be afraid to take some time to think about your next move.


STOP AND LOOK AT YOUR DRIVE Once you start your bike ride, you can check to make sure it’s safe.

If it’s not safe, stop the ride and look around to see what could be wrong.


GET READILY READY FOR YOUR NEXT BICyCLE TRIP You have plenty of time to take your family out for a bike ride and get ready to start the next one.

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