Why we should care about the $9.7 million in hotel room expenses

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The hotel room bill at a Hyatt in Denver was $9,700 per night, according to data provided by Airbnb.

It was not, as the host claimed, because of a new rule that allows for room sharing with a roommate.

Instead, the bill was due to the “surplus” room service offered by hotels and the city of Denver’s refusal to reimburse rooms booked on Airbnb.

The Denver Post has more details.

The hotel room bills, which the hosts said were due to an Airbnb policy change, were not the result of a recent rule change that allows guests to share rooms with a spouse or minor child.

Instead, the bills were due in part to a policy change that allowed Airbnb to keep paying rooms booked for the entire night.

The hosts claimed they paid $1,700 in hotel charges because they were on a business trip, which is against the Airbnb policies.

The host did not provide the exact date of the booking but it was sometime last spring or summer.

Airbnb’s policy change did not go into effect until February 2018, the Denver Post reported.

The Airbnb hosts claim was not the first time they had been forced to pay hotel room charges.

Airbnb has faced criticism for charging hotels and other companies for rooms they did not book.

In 2015, the company settled a lawsuit brought by the city and the Federal Trade Commission for $1.7 billion over hotel room service charges.

The city had demanded that Airbnb pay $5,400 per night for room services that it said did not include any taxes, fees or insurance.

In 2016, Airbnb settled a class-action lawsuit over its charge for room service in New York City.

The company had to settle for an undisclosed amount in the case.

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to rescind rules that had required companies that accept Airbnb’s service to provide “fair and equitable service.”

The rules had required that companies like Airbnb, which provide an app that connects hosts with hosts, make their services available to people across the United States, including those who cannot use the app because they are using their homes.

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