Housekeeping supervisor hires housekeeping worker for $25K

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The job of housekeeping supervisors is to clean up housekeeping jobs in New York City and in other parts of the country, and it pays well.

But as New York has been struggling to attract the top housekeeping professionals to fill jobs left vacant by the retirement of many housekeepers, the position of housekeeper supervisor has become a coveted position for people looking to make a bit more money and not necessarily be a maid or housekeeper.

One of the few vacancies left in the position is for a housekeeper who wants to be paid less than a maid.

This new position pays a $25,000-per-year wage to housekeepers who are paid $100,000 or more annually, but is not subject to overtime.

The New York Post reports that the new job is for housekeeping workers in Brooklyn who are hired by the city’s Department of Buildings to clean homes and offices.

The department’s website has more details about the position.

According to the New York Daily News, the housekeeper will clean homes with a hand-washing and scrubbing machine, and then clean up the home’s furnishings.

It is expected that the housekeeping position will pay $15 an hour, with tips, according to the paper.

The job pays well, but it’s not guaranteed, the newspaper notes.

The Department of Building told the paper that they are only hiring housekeepers for their specific roles.

A spokeswoman for the department told the Daily News that they would be hiring a replacement for the housekeepers on a temporary basis.

The position pays $15 per hour, but the department is offering to pay a tip to anyone willing to take a job, the Daily Post reported.

The salary for the position varies by job, according the Post.

Some housekeepers earn $10 an hour.

This is the lowest amount of compensation that can be offered to housekeeping assistants.

According the report, the department has about 3,000 housekeepers.

This would be the lowest number of housekeepers they could possibly fill in the same time frame.

The pay for housekeepers is lower than some of the most lucrative positions in the industry, such as a kitchen aide, a secretary, a maintenance assistant, and a food server, the Post reports.

The city’s housing department did not respond to requests for comment.