How to stay healthy in the housekeeping business

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Housekeeping is a very busy job and one that can make you tired or even irritable.

So it’s important to stay organized and take care of your home.

In fact, you might want to keep your own home as a private collection of things that you’ll never use.

Here are six things you can do to keep yourself and your house tidy.1.

Use a desk and computer in the same room2.

Have a space heater3.

Bring a bottle of water4.

Keep a closet in your bedroom (you may need to share the space with someone else)5.

Have an air mattress in the living room6.

Have your kitchen and bathroom clean daily7.

Make your home more welcoming to guests by having a “housekeeping buddy”8.

Use your closet to keep books, magazines and magazines in6 separate areas9.

Use shelves to hold your belongings10.

Keep your bed clean by using a regular-size mattress11.

Keep pets inside by having them on leash12.

Set up a “safe space” in your home13.

Put down a small, well-ventilated area where you’ll be comfortable14.

Set a personal alarm so you can go to sleep at a certain time15.

Clean your pantry and kitchen16.

Make a regular clean-up of your house17.

Get rid of trash or recycling18.

Set an alarm so that you can wake up to a clean-ups schedule19.

Make sure you have enough food for the next day by having one person or two people cook a meal together20.

Set your “living room” as a work area21.

Use an electric timer to set the timer for 10 minutes22.

Set timers for a quick nap23.

Set alarms to wake up in the morning and wake up at night24.

Set reminders to check your email every morning25.

Set alarm to wake you up at 10pm26.

Set time limits on things that need to be done27.

Set timer to wake your parents up and set them up for dinner28.

Set reminder for your parents to pick you up and drop you off in the subway29.

Set the timer to start your “sleeping bag”30.

Set multiple alarm settings for your bedroom31.

Set “sleep” to 10am, “wake up” to 2am and “bathroom” to 12am.32.

Set you alarm to go off at 4am to wake everyone up for a 5am meeting33.

Set several alarm settings34.

Set all the lights to be on in your room35.

Set to turn the TV on and off for a couple hours36.

Set it to your alarm so it goes off at 5am37.

Set different alarms for different people38.

Set individual alarm to be turned off when you are not in your sleep39.

Set separate alarm to come on at 5pm40.

Set set a timer to go on at 12pm41.

Set one alarm to set off at 7pm42.

Set daily reminder to wake at 12 noon43.

Set monthly reminder to go out at 5 am44.

Set weekly reminder to come to work45.

Set recurring reminder to make it a monthly reminder46.

Set schedule to start at 8am and end at midnight47.

Set each person to wake on their own alarm at 7:30am48.

Set someone to wake after you have breakfast49.

Set that person to stay awake in their own room and not have to worry about you getting to work50.

Set regular reminder to be called for at 3am51.

Set for each individual to wake one at 5:30pm52.

Set people to wake together and wake on separate occasions53.

Set hourly reminder to get up in time for the scheduled time to be set54.

Set annual reminder to take place at 5 pm55.

Set off at 3 am56.

Set times for everyone to wake in their designated time.57.

Set another individual to be awoken at 6 am58.

Set on your own alarm to get out of bed59.

Set day off for your friends to have a good time60.

Set calendar reminder to start in the afternoon61.

Set date to start setting up a trip62.

Set birthday for your birthday party63.

Set anniversary party to start64.

Set holiday party for your family65.

Set homecoming party for all of your family66.

Set Halloween party for everyone in your household67.

Set Christmas party for a few friends68.

Set school holiday party69.

Set summer vacation party70.

Set vacation for friends71.

Set Thanksgiving party for the whole family72.

Set celebration party for someone close to you73.

Set graduation party for friends74.

Set special holiday party70 for a friend75.

Set housewarming party for family and friends76.

Set spring break party for one of your friends77.

Set winter break party in your own house78.

Set family holiday party79.

Set reunion party for those closest to you80.

Set party for people who know you81

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