How to get paid as a housekeeper

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It’s hard to imagine how the work that you do as a cleaner is getting more lucrative than it is now.

According to a recent report by research firm BDO, housekeepers earn an average of about €1,000 per month, compared to €1.70 in the early 1990s.

The company also found that, on average, housekeeping jobs in Europe’s third largest economy pay a salary of about $1,100 per year.

In the UK, the median salary for housekeepers is just under $1.40 per hour, while the US is about $3.50 per hour.

But the report also found a widening gap in pay between housekeepers in the EU and the US.

In Germany, the average housekeeper earns about €7.60 per hour and the average salary in the US stands at $10.90 per hour per year, according to BDO.

In Europe, a housekeeping job earns an average salary of $2,500 per year in the UK and €4,000 in France, according the report.

However, the US salaries are about $6,400 per year and the EU salaries are just under €4.00 per hour in France.

The reason behind the disparity in pay, according BDO’s research director, Peter Sperling, is the difference between the EU’s average wage for housekeeping, which is $6.60, and the median wage in the United States, which stands at a whopping $11.20.

In order to put things in perspective, BDO found that in the European Union, the lowest paid housekeeper in the country earns about $2.00 an hour, but in the States, the highest paid is about €6.00.

In total, the gap between the salaries of EU housekeepers and US housekeepers could amount to over $30 billion per year across the continent.

If you work in the industry for an average wage of €1 and average salary for the United State is just $11, you’re likely to earn more than €1 million per year if you do a full-time job.

According a spokesperson for the company, Bdo estimates that about a quarter of housekeepers make more than $10 million annually.

The most popular jobs for housekeeps are those in hospitals, as the UK is currently struggling with a crisis of housekeeping deaths, while in Germany, housekeeper-friendly social welfare programs have also seen a dramatic rise in the number of new applicants.

In France, where the unemployment rate is currently 6.5 per cent, only a third of the jobs for carers are filled by housekeepers, according reports.

However in the Netherlands, where housekeepers are the majority of housewives, housework is seen as a key part of their social security system.

In Belgium, house work is still relatively uncommon, with only about half of the professions available to housekeepers being recognised by the government.

According BDO analyst Jean-Michel Ghebrey, the high level of social benefits available to a housekeepers income could be a major reason for the higher salaries.

According the company’s research, housewives in France have an average household income of €14,200 per year compared to a typical salary of €9,600 for an individual.

However this figure does not take into account the high average salaries for housewives across Europe.

According Gheboff, a French housekeeper is paid €11,200 on average and in Germany the average is €12,600.

For the US, the typical wage is around $16,200, while a full time housekeeper makes $14,000.

According these figures, it would be very difficult for a housewife to survive on her salary alone.

According an article by The Telegraph, it is estimated that the average annual income of a householder in France is around €17,000, and for a male housekeeper it is €14-15,000 (€15,300-€17,500).

This means that the household income for a fulltime housekeeper will only amount to around $30,000 annually.

However as the housekeeper’s wages are paid in the form of a pension, the family will likely still make money from their work.

And as housekeeping is one of the most lucrative professions in Europe, the household will be able to afford a house that looks like this.