How to earn $2.4 million per year at a dormitory in China

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The salary of a dormitories housekeeper is not exactly the same as that of a factory worker, so it is important to look at the actual wages that workers receive, and to be aware of the overtime pay that may be paid.

This is particularly true for the Chinese workers who live in dormitaries.

The average wages paid to a dorm housekeeper in China are about $1,700 per month, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

While the average salary is more than double the $500 a month that a factory employee earns in the United States, the difference is largely made up of overtime pay.

While some workers are paid more than their actual salary, other workers receive less than their average salary.

For example, a factory owner earning $2,500 per month would receive an additional $2 million annually.

But, if the factory owner works 16 hours a day and takes home $300 per month in overtime pay, the factory worker would earn only $400 per month.

A factory owner would be paid $6,500 annually, but an employee at a factory earning $1 million would earn $7,500.

There are two ways to calculate how much overtime a worker receives in a dorm.

The first way to calculate overtime pay is called the “real” overtime rate.

The real overtime rate is the total amount of hours worked during the week divided by the total number of days worked.

The overtime rate can be found in the official labor contract or from the local government.

The actual overtime rate for dormitory workers in China is about $8,600 per month per employee, or $11,600 annually.

The second way to determine overtime pay based on the real overtime rates is called “substitution” overtime.

Substitution overtime is the amount of overtime that the dormitory worker receives each month, divided by total hours worked in a week.

The salary and the total overtime pay are not identical.

However, dormitory owners can choose to pay the employee less in overtime or more overtime pay for a given year.

For the 2016-17 fiscal year, the dorm housekeeping supervisor earned an average of $3,000 per month ($1,600/month) for a total of $8.5 million in overtime payments.

That would make the dorm room supervisor earning $11.5 per hour, or about $15,500 each year.

In contrast, the average wages of factory workers are $2 per hour.

The difference between the real and substitution overtime is often not a major source of income for a dorm room owner, since dorm room workers often receive a smaller portion of their overtime pay than factory workers.

However in 2016-2017, the real-to-substitute overtime ratio increased slightly for dorm room supervisors.

According to the government, dorm room owners paid $3.3 million in salary and overtime pay in 2016.

However there were an additional 6,000 workers earning more than $1.7 million in real and sub-subsidy overtime pay during the year.

This year, dorm housekeepers earned $8 million in total overtime payments, an increase of $5.3.

However these wage increases may not be enough to offset the increase in overtime from the factory.

For more information about dormitory wages and overtime, see our article about dorm rooms and dorms.

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