Why the Hollywood Housekeeper’s Revenge Is Almost Unthinkable

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A Hollywood housekeeper is trying to get back at her husband by putting a fake murder on the table.

But will she be able to pull it off?

In the movie Housekeeping, a housekeeping company wants to take over the house for a fee.

A new employee named Mrs. Smith (a real housekeeper who is in her 50s) is hired by the company to make repairs.

She has been trained in housekeeping and is given a small staff to handle housekeeping.

One day, the company’s new CEO, a young man named Paul, gets a call from his wife saying they’re losing the house and that they’re going to have to close down.

But Mrs. Paul wants to keep the house intact so she’s forced to get rid of the new owner, who is a retired police officer named Robert.

Paul is not a fan of Paul, but he tells her to put it aside.

When Paul and his wife leave, they’re not the only ones who have their feelings hurt.

The police officers and their families are upset that the housekeeping firm is taking over.

And they want their money back.