How to get rid of a housekeeper spider

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The owner of a homekeeping job in Florida was charged with animal cruelty after she allegedly threw a spider onto a homeowner’s property and then walked out of her home to retrieve it.

The woman is now in jail and will remain jailed until her next court appearance, officials said.

“This woman was a very, very bad person and this is what we see in Florida,” said Jennifer Littrell, spokeswoman for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

She said that the homeowner, Jennifer Ritter, had a job as a housekeeping assistant at her house for about a year.

But Ritter told authorities that she decided to take the spider to the home because she wanted to keep it as a pet, according to the Polk Sheriff’s office.

When Ritter left the home, she saw the spider hanging on a fence and picked it up, authorities said.

She then walked around the home and picked up a second spider that she threw onto the homeowner’s porch, the Polk police said.

Ritter was then seen wandering around the neighborhood and picking up a third spider that also was on the porch, according of the Polk sheriff’s office website.

The third spider was later found to be a house sparrow, the website said.

According to the sheriff’s website, the homeowner was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor animal cruelty, and her next appearance is scheduled for Oct. 10.