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How to help housekeepers across the country on National Housekeeping Week (Sept. 26-Sept. 28)

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There are so many housekeeping related tasks to do, but the first thing you should do is check to see if your local housekeeper is taking care of their house.

If so, it’s a good idea to ask to see a housekeeper who may have a special interest in housekeeping, such as an animal care, veterinary or pet care provider.

Housekeeping specialists will tell you what the day’s tasks will be and what they will be doing.

You’ll also need to ask about the availability of time and space for your tasks.

Housekeepers also will ask about special needs, such a pregnant housekeeper or a house keeper who is on disability.

If you’re looking to hire a housekeepers, be sure to talk to your local home-care provider or local veterinary clinic to ensure they are willing to accommodate your needs.

Find more housekeeping resources here.

To find out if your housekeeper has a special need, you can contact them.

Ask about special housing accommodations, such if you have to move or have to make other changes to your house.

Housekeeper and pet care providers should also talk to their staff about their special needs.

Ask if you or your staff will be available to assist the housekeeper and pets.

House keeping is a rewarding profession and it’s important to stay connected to your family.

To learn more about how to stay motivated, check out our free tips for keeping your home.

To help keep housekeeping fun, check our housekeeping guides for how to decorate and decorate your home, decorate a room and decorating a dining room.

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