Housekeeping resumes as House moves to fix backlog of unpaid bills

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A House leadership aide told The Hill Wednesday that House leaders are moving quickly to fix the backlog of bills for the House of Representatives.

Rep. John Carter, a Republican from Mississippi who represents the southern district, told reporters that the House is moving swiftly to deal with the backlog.

He said the House leadership has set aside $5 million to cover the cost of legal fees for staffers who have been denied the opportunity to file their bills, as well as for other costs incurred by the House staff, including lawyers.

He said the leaders also have set aside another $1 million for other legal costs, including legal bills.

House leadership has not yet provided a timeline for when they will begin to pay the bills, but Carter said the leadership team is working with the House Administration Committee to determine how long it will take to process bills and how much time to spend on other tasks.

He added that House staff members will receive their bills on Monday.

The House has not previously paid bills in this manner since the House passed legislation last week that requires members to file bills by May 30, 2019.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told The New York Times that the process for paying bills will not be a slow one.

“We’re going to make sure that we get bills paid as quickly as we can.

And the only thing that we’re going into this to do is pay bills, and get bills filed, and that’s what we’re working on right now,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Administration Committee told The Associated Press that the committee has not received the bills yet, but is working to determine what other legal bills are owed.

House Democrats have accused Republicans of holding up the bill process for months and said they are concerned that the delays are costing the federal government millions of dollars.

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