‘It was the worst experience I have ever had’: Man’s account of the terrifying ordeal he endured after being kicked out of his house by staff

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The man who was kicked out his house and forced to live in a motel room says the experience was the “worst experience” he has ever had.

Key points:The man was told he was leaving on Friday and that he would be leaving on Monday but instead found himself living in a hotel room with only one bed in the roomThe man says the hotel room is now filled with rats and fliesThe man said he was given a bottle of alcohol and told to keep it around his neck but was unable to stop the rats and the flies he was forced to endure.

The man from Kew had been living in the property in Wodonga in New South Wales’s south-west since March 2020, when he was kicked off his house.

His account of his ordeal was aired in a new documentary by local broadcaster Channel Nine, Housekeeping.

He said the housekeeper was on his phone during his visit to his room and that she did not stop him as he walked towards the door.

“She said, ‘He’s going to get out on the front lawn so we’re just going to have to go upstairs’,” the man said.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, what are we going to do here?'”

The man claimed the housekeeping manager, who had been on her phone during the incident, started to walk away and then turned back and walked towards him.

“That was the moment I knew something was wrong,” he said.”[The housekeeper] turned to me and she was looking down at her phone, she said, “What are you doing here?

You’re not allowed to go in”.”

And I just started crying.

I was so angry.

“The man went to the house manager and said he wanted to take a video and was told to take his camera with him.

The footage showed him standing in the front yard, with a rat crawling across his shirt, as he watched the rats run up and down the stairs.”

The rat had claws on it, and it was biting my shirt and biting my hands, it was licking my face, and I was screaming,” he recounted.”

It just looked like a real nightmare.

“So I took the camera with me, and you can see the rat on the screen, it’s on the bed, it is on the floor, it can even be right next to me.”

Mr McArthur said the rat was on the wall, which was “on my bed”.

“I thought, ‘oh my God’.

It was disgusting,” he told Nine News.

He left the property, but stayed for several hours, and was forced out by his housekeeper.

“They had a bed on the other side of the house, and she came up and told me I was not allowed in,” he explained.”[She said] ‘I’m not going to be a housekeeper anymore’.”

I said, you can’t have a housekeeping job, you’re not going back here, you’ve been kicked out.

And she said no, you know what, you are going back there.

“The housekeeping director said she told the man to get back in his room, but the man refused.

The ABC contacted the man’s landlord, who said he did not believe the house was on fire.

He told News Corp he had not been able to contact his housekeeping company and he was not aware of any claims made to his employer.”

We were on the phone to her, and when she turned off the phone, the phone went off and then it just died off,” Mr McArthur told News.”

At that point I realised she wasn’t listening to me.

I went back in my room, and [my housekeeping] manager just walked back out the door.

“The woman, who was working as a house cleaning employee at the time, told the ABC she was unaware of the incident.”

This is the first time I’ve ever had this happen,” she said.

The woman said the man was then sent to a room where she said he “cried a lot”, while the woman said he would only be released on Monday.”

He said he didn’t have any food,” she told News Corporation.”

And he said he had a big headache.”‘

He’s got to do better’The woman told Nine the man had been kicked off the property.”

When he got out of the room he was crying,” she added.”

But she said [the man] had no choice but to go back to his house, which is where he had been staying.”‘

I’m still here, but I’m just hoping he’ll be better’Mr McArdsons account was shared on Facebook on Friday night and quickly went viral.

He described how he woke up at 6am on Saturday,

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