New home-based home cleaning services launch in Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES — Home-based cleaning services startup Housekeeping Los Angeles has announced it is launching in Los Angles.

Housekeeping Los Angels CEO and founder, Michael Loh, told FOX Sports that the service will be available for a variety of clients and that they plan to launch a large scale rollout in the next few months.

“This is going to be a huge hit in Los Santos,” Loh said.

“It’s going to get people back to work.”

The startup will be launching with an all-inclusive package of housekeeping services, including home cleaning, air filtration, and a laundry bag for customers to take home.

Loh says the service is being marketed as a solution for home owners who can’t afford to hire a home-care provider.

“We’re going to build a very low-cost, low-risk solution to help you manage your home,” Lough said.

“If you’re a homeowner and you can’t do it yourself, you’re going see an employee.

We’re going build that solution for you.”

Loh said Housekeeping is designed to meet the needs of all types of homeowners and will be a low-impact solution that will work on all levels.

Housekeepers services include:Air filtrateCleaner, cleaning and maintenance of carpets and flooringAir freshenerWashingMachine and dishwasherCleaner and laundry dryerAir purifier, air purifier machine and dishwashing machineCleaning services include air purifiers, air fresheners, and dishwashersCleaning appliances including vacuums, vacuuming equipment, dishwasher, vacuum cleaners and dryersBathtub and shower vacuumCleanerCleanerCleaning service includes vacuum, vacuum, and shower machinesCleaning machines include dishwashes, dishwashing machines, vacua and dishwashesCleaning and dryer are also availableHousekeeping is available through DoorDash.

Loh says he is in the early stages of the business model, and that the startup is targeting a market with over 50 million homeowners.

“There’s going be a lot of people in this market,” Loha said.

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