How to make a sexy, sexy, fun, sexy housekeeping job

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A new video by the National Geographic Channel and YouTube shows a housekeeper with a flair for design and a penchant for sexy house cleaning.

The housekeeper in question has been hired to do housekeeping duties in a house in Thailand.

Her job involves cleaning, washing and cleaning again, and she’s getting paid well.

She’s also getting to enjoy the attention that comes with being paid a wage.

And, as she explains in the video, her job can even lead to earning extra money.

And she’s not alone.

There are several other women in the US who are getting paid to clean houses.

It seems like there are more than enough housekeepers out there, but they may not have the same perks as their male counterparts.

If you or someone you know needs a housekeeping position in your town, check out our guide to finding a good housekeeping assistant.

And if you’re a young, single, female housekeeper, be sure to hire a male housekeeper as well.