Why do we do our housekeeping duty?

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Posted by News In Focus on Monday, 25 July 2018 07:08:17As per the Housekeeping Act, a housekeeper is a person in charge of the collection of personal hygiene and sanitation for the house.

There are three categories of housekeepers under the Housekeepers Act: housekeeping personnel (HPC), housekeeping assistants (HSA) and housekeepers.

HPC are those who are responsible for keeping personal hygiene clean and sanitary for all household members, and are trained to do so.

HSA are those in charge who do not have any responsibility to clean or sanitise their own household.

They are not responsible for cleaning or sanitation for those outside the household.

The Act states that a housekeeping officer should keep a record of all household duties.

It specifies that a person has to have written permission to inspect the house, and that such a permission is not required for a person to perform housekeeping services.

The act also states that the records should be kept by the housekeeper and any other person who is responsible for housekeeping.

It further states that an officer who is an employee of the household or other person has a duty of care towards the household for the maintenance of personal health and hygiene and must not cause or cause unnecessary distress.HPC are paid Rs 5,000 and HSA Rs 10,000, and the former are exempt.

The latter are paid as per the HSA rules.

In terms of salaries, HPC get Rs 1,200 and HPC pay Rs 2,000 a month, respectively.

The HSA get Rs 5 per day, and also receive a daily allowance of Rs 1.50.

The former get a monthly allowance of 1,000.

Under the Housekeeper’s Rules, there are three types of duties, according to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Home Affairs and Labour, which is chaired by Ravi Shankar Prasad, former Union Minister for Home Affairs.

The duties under the HPC and the HCA include collecting personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitising household facilities and personal hygiene of household members.

There is a special category under the housekeeping department which is tasked with providing housekeeping service in all other departments.

Housekeeping duty is not mandatory, according the rules, but a person who performs housekeeping is expected to be in a good manner.

Housekeepers are required to take steps to ensure the safety of house guests, including keeping house and maintaining house hygiene and hygiene of their house.

They also have to take adequate precautions to prevent infection, as they are the source of infections in houses.

A person should be in good physical condition and capable of performing the household duties with good judgment, according House of Deputies Standing Committee Chairperson, Subrata Prasath, said.

He also said a person should have proper training and have been trained for housekeeper duties.

He said housekeeping officers have to have a clean and hygienic character, and should also be competent in maintaining the hygiene and sanities of their household.