Why are nursing homes a hotbed for scams?

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Craigslist, the global online classifieds platform, has been hit with a massive wave of scams and abuse that is leaving the public with no idea who their local nursing home care home is.

Here’s how it happened.



The online classified site has long been used by people looking to rent homes for their own use, and its popularity has grown in recent years.

It’s the first site on which to search for and rent a nursing home, which makes it easy to get started.

For some reason, the website has become a hot spot for scams.

For example, one scammer claims that she is a “residential therapist” who can help people find and sign leases for nursing homes.

If you click on that link, the site will automatically send you to a page with a link to a listing for a nursing homes in the US.

However, this listing was a fake, according to an investigation by the ABC News network.


The Craigslist Home Inspection Report.

A nursing home is one of the oldest and most popular professions in the country.

The vast majority of people have seen some type of a nursing residence before, and many are surprised to find out that they have to pay a fee to have their home inspected.

The scammer in this case is claiming to be a real nursing home inspector who can tell you how much a nursing facility charges, how many rooms they have, and how long it will take to fix a leak or water main.

It could be the kind of scam you read about on Craigslist, but it’s not uncommon for the scammer to get around the fact that she has to pay for the job.


The Home Inspection Costs.

Another scammer is using a similar tactic to the one above.

This one is much less sophisticated.

Instead of a fake listing, she’s posting a photo of a home she has inspected.

Then she posts the results of her inspection on a local Craigslist forum, where other people are trying to get their own homes inspected.

If the scamber’s claim is accurate, they’ll be able to get a quote from a company that will charge them $250.

If they don’t get a good price, they can file a claim for a higher amount, which could add up to thousands of dollars.

If your nursing home isn’t listed on Craigslist and you’re not sure where to look, it’s possible that a scammer has already started a new business.


The Nursing Home Home.

This scammer will use a Craigslist ad to get you to see the listing for your nursing residence.

Then, she will send you a message telling you that the nursing home’s owners are being sued for violating the state’s Home Rule Act, which requires nursing homes to be open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The law has been a source of much frustration for nursing home owners, who are struggling to maintain their homes and their businesses.

Nursing homes are a great way to avoid this, as they’re open 24/7.

However if you find yourself in a nursing center or nursing home after you’ve checked Craigslist for a home inspection, you might have found yourself in an untenable situation.


The Real Nursing Home.

The real nursing homes are typically more expensive than the listings on Craigslist.

However this may not be the case if you are the victim of a scam.

If a scam claims to be the owner of a real home, it may have already begun building up a reputation for abuse, as you may see a nursing resident and other staff members from other homes in your neighborhood come in to visit your nursing facility.

This can be a very stressful situation.

If this is the case, you should check your local listings for nursing residences to make sure they’re real.

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