How to stay cool in a heatwave

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Housekeeping supplies can help keep your house cool during a heat wave, says a health researcher.

The Mayo Clinic researchers, led by Dr. Peter Emsley, have found that a range of household items, from detergents to cleaning products, can help reduce the amount of water vapour that builds up inside the home.

Emsley said that the cooling effect was most apparent when a house was at the highest level of heat, which is typically between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Our study showed that the average housewife can use three to five times more water to cool their house during a summer heat wave than during a winter,” Emsly said.

“When a house is cooler, the air is able to move through more slowly, and water vapors don’t build up, so the house is able for longer to cool itself.

The longer the house stays at cooler temperatures, the better the cooling is.”

The Mayo study was published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

It examined the effectiveness of household cleaning products to reduce the air and water levels inside a house.

It looked at products from three manufacturers, including the company that made the detergent, Pro-Derm, which the Mayo researchers used to compare to a range from household detergent to cleaning sprays.

The study looked at the effect of the three types of products on the water and air levels inside the house.

For detergently detergent and sprays, the researchers found that the air levels within a house decreased by about 10 percent after only a couple of days.

In this case, the effect lasted for 10 days, while for sprays it lasted up to three days.

When the researchers compared a home that was at 70 degrees Fahrenheit to a home at 60 degrees, the results were more mixed.

In the first case, where the house was only about a third as warm as it was during the summer, the water levels decreased by 12 percent, while the air was still rising.

In this case the effect was only half as great, but lasted for a couple days.

In a second case where the water level was also reduced, the difference between the two temperatures was just a few percent.

In both cases, the cooling effects were lessened by using household detergent.

“The effects of detergent were more noticeable during the winter,” Dr. Ems, who is also a professor at the University of New Mexico, said.

“I think that this is because when the air becomes warmer and water becomes less dense, it makes more water molecules to travel through the air.

This is why you see water levels decrease and that’s because more water is being carried by the air, so it’s less dense.

So the water molecules will just carry less air.”

While the effects of water and heat on the air are obvious, the impact on the human body is even more pronounced, Ems said.

During the summer months, the body is less able to use oxygen efficiently, so there is less water circulating through the blood.

When there is too much water circulating, it can lead to an increase in carbon dioxide levels, which can lead the body to overheat.

In contrast, when the body uses less oxygen, the amount it can use of oxygen is greater, and therefore it can make more oxygen in the body.

“We’re going to see an increase of the levels of carbon dioxide that are going to be present in the blood,” Etsley said.

The research has been supported by the Mayo Clinic and the Department of Medicine at the Mayo campus.

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