How to tell the difference between a good housekeeper and a bad housekeeper

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I am a good person.

I am humble.

I do not need people to tell me what to do.

My name is Robinson and I am the good housekeepers of the family.

I don’t do anything for my family.

I’m not good with children.

I know my kids, and I know what they want.

I never need to know.

I’m a good guy.

I have good manners.

I treat everyone with respect.

I like people to know I’m here.

And I am good with animals.

I give them a good treat.

I feed them when I can.

I take care of them and I treat them well.

Now, a bad person can be just as good as a good one.

I might be able to give them food and I might make sure they have a good bath.

But the person who does not take care and treats them poorly will eventually come into my life.

That’s the way it is.

There are some things you can’t do.

Good people always take responsibility for their own actions and don’t give others a chance to make mistakes.

What is your opinion on the following statement?

I think that God loves everyone, no matter how poor or what they’re like, and that’s why He made us.

I think He’s going to give us the gifts we need.