This male housekeeping employee is so well known that he got his own cartoon card!

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Posted November 15, 2018 10:14:00 This female housekeeping professional in her mid-60s was known for her cheerful attitude.

Her husband died and she now works as a maid.

But she is just as famous as her husband.

Her name is Mrs. Sushil Kumar.

She works as the assistant housekeeper at the Shilpa Shilpashtram in Gopalpur.

When her husband died, she was hired by the family of the deceased and she stayed with the family in Shilpetram.

But then, Mrs. Kumar became a housekeeper herself.

She became famous in her own right as a housekeeping pro in the cartoons.

A few years ago, she drew a cartoon illustration for the home decor store of a man.

The cartoon illustration depicted a man in a red suit who is preparing a tea ceremony for his guests.

The illustrations became popular on social media and got more than 12,000 likes.

It was a big hit on social networking site WeChat.

When she was invited by a friend of her husband, the friend sent a picture of the cartoon illustration.

The image was posted on the wall of the housekeeper’s office.

The housekeeper was surprised.

“I was a little surprised but it was very funny.

I am not a very nice person, but it turned out well,” she said.

The next day, the image was displayed in her office and she had received a huge reaction on social sharing platform WeChat, she said, adding that she was delighted by the attention.

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