How to clean your house in under an hour

Posted by admin

I have a problem with my housekeeping chores.

So I set out to clean my house.

 I know what you’re thinking.

How can you possibly clean a house in less than an hour?

But that’s not the whole story.

As you might expect, this whole process involves the use of a lot of tools and techniques.

First, you need to start by washing your hands.

“This is really the most important step in the entire process,” says Kelly Clark, a certified home care and laundry coach in New York City.

If you’re new to home cleaning, this is an easy, straightforward process.

Then, wash your clothes and shoes.

This is one of the easiest tasks you can do in less time than it takes to read this.

For some people, this step may be easier.

But it’s also important.

After washing your clothes, take a few minutes to get comfortable and get a feel for the space.

I like to put the clothes in a drawer and then put them in the dishwasher.

At this point, you can go back and do laundry if you’re feeling lazy.

Once you’re comfortable, get your hands dirty.

Clean your floors, cabinets, and all the other things you’re going to use for your house.

Make sure they’re clean and dry.

Do the dishes too.

Make sure you’re getting rid of the dirt that will build up around the house.

Then you’re ready to get to the washing.

You’re going the right way.

While you’re at it, you’re also going to make a lot more mess than you expected.

There are tons of different cleaning supplies you can use, but I like to use a little bit of water to get everything ready.

So let’s take a look at how to clean a bathroom.

Step 1: Wash your hands

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