Man rescued after three months trapped in house

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A man rescued from a house in a rural area in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhattisgarh state after three weeks was rescued on Saturday, authorities said.

Chhattisgari Sajjan, who was a resident of a three-room house in Chhatti in the district, was rescued after his owner, a villager, informed the authorities, Sajjeev Singh, the district magistrate said in a tweet.

The village is located in Chhanchadapuram, near the town of Dhandur in the state’s Kishanganj district.

The rescue was carried out by a volunteer rescue team, Sashastra Singh, a district magistrate told reporters.

The man, who had been trapped in the house since April 11, was found alive and alert on Sunday, he said.

He was taken to the district hospital where he was given first aid.

Sajjan had lost a leg to a fall from a cliff and was in a stable condition.