New Samsung home monitor to feature ‘natural’ lighting

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NEW YORK — Samsung has announced a new home monitoring system designed to look like natural lighting, with a new version coming out soon that will be available to purchase and pre-order.

The home monitor, the new Samsung SmartWatch3, will include “natural” lighting elements including natural light reflecting off the glass of the home, and will offer a natural-looking interface, according to a Samsung press release.

The SmartWatch4 will also include natural-sounding elements such as a clock and weather, and it will offer “natural-looking” interfaces including the ability to switch between “smart” and “natural.”

It is the first time Samsung has offered a home monitoring feature with a natural lighting design.

Samsung has said the SmartWatch series will offer natural-like visuals as well, with natural light, weather, notifications and more.

Samsung is expected to announce more details about the Smartwatch series in the coming weeks.

The company’s new smartwatch will launch in the U.S. on October 27 and in Europe on October 29, and in Australia on November 1.

Samsung said the new SmartWatchs will be priced at $299.99 for the 2-inch display and $299,99 for a 4-inch screen.

The company also plans to launch its Smartwatch line with Android Wear smartwatches later this year.

The smartwarships will feature smartwatch apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Samsung SmartWatch 3 (Photo: Samsung)The new Samsung smartwatch features a 2- and 4- inch display, with Samsung’s new OLED panel.

It features a “natural light” LED backlight, which Samsung says is the same technology found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy S7 Edge, and a new “Natural Lighting” LED display, which features a natural white light effect and will “look and feel natural.”

Samsung says the smartwatch is designed to provide “a natural, pleasing, and comfortable way to track your life,” and will feature “natural interface design.”

The company says that “natural lighting elements” will include the ability for users to choose which light comes out of the display and when.

The Samsung Smartwatch3 will be the first Samsung smartware to include a natural light design.

The SmartWatch 4 will be a 4.9-inch OLED display, the same size as the Galaxy Note 7.